The Internet Toolbox is an easy to use and free set of simple tools to help you in your daily life.

At the moment, we have the following tools available:

Basic Calculator An easy to use and very simple Calculator for the four basic arithmetic operations.
Rule of Three Calculator You don't remember the rules of three? No problem, this page can help
Static Google Maps Create a static Google Map as PNG, JPEG or GIF without any coding.
Countdown Creator Create a simple Countdown and share it with your friends.
Currency Converter Converting currencies can be a frustrating. Not on this page.
Password Check Do you know how secure your password really is? Check it securly on this page.
Bra Size Converter Use this converter to switch a bra size between different international sizes
WHOIS Lookup Want to know who is behind a domain or ip-address? Use our free WHOIS-Lookup-Tool.

Please visit the newest addition to our network of helpful ressources: ONE and a half Tips.